Our Birth Story

Hey Mama's + Papa's,

Samantha here and I wanted to give you all some more background on how ERIS + LYNN came about. We feel it's super important for our curated family to know how we came about. Sure, we've given you little snippets about who we are, where we're from and what we represent but we haven't given you the full the story....... So, here's how ERIS + LYNN was born:

Back in 2013, I was 21 and had just graduated from The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) with my master's; where I had been part of the track & field team & wanting to pursue a professional career in the sport (I was a 100m hurdler for all my track fans out there). I needed a part time job and retail became my income source and surprisingly, my passion! With my first job being at 'BCBG Maxazria', retail provided me with a flexible schedule for practice + fed my obsession with fashion; I don't know how I ever truly made money with all the money I gave back to the company! Anyway, this led me to landing another part-time position with 'Lucky Brand Jeans'. Now, where BCBG fed my runway dreams, Lucky fed my everyday, casual wear needs. These two companies lit a fire in me and my dream of one day becoming a designer, with my own brand, was inspired!

Fast forward to Summer 2016, I gave birth to my oldest, Londyn, the boldest of them all! Even as an infant, Londyn loved getting dressed; it's pretty satisfying as a mama who loves clothes & shoes, watch her 1 year old get excited and love them just as much as her! Now, with a little, I had to make the tough decision of leaving retail; the schedule just wasn't consistent enough. That decision then gave me the inspiration to begin a children's clothing line; I still get to be involved with fashion but on my time/terms, see my daughters face light up when she get's pieces made just for her + allow her to further explore her creativity in eventually helping me design. While I was pregnant with Londyn, we decided we wanted to somehow incorporate Eric's name into her middle name and we came up with Eris; thus 1/2 of ERIS + LYNN was born.

Now, it's February 2018, I'm 36.4 weeks pregnant and give birth to two, beautiful, healthy identical twin girls; Zara + Ava. For those wondering, they were spontaneous and run on both my mother and fathers side. Since Londyn got, in a way, Eric's name, we agreed the twins would have my name. So, my middle name is Lynn, which is the middle name we gave the twins. Now, between Londyn and the twins birth, I had been trying to figure out what I was going to call this clothing line...... everything I thought of just wasn't good enough. Then, I settled on incorporating the girls into this brand name; after all, they were the inspiration for it. I scribbled and brainstormed and finally, I wrote down ERIS + LYNN and I knew right away, it was right; it was so right!

These little girls of mine are so different, yet still subtly share the same qualities; Londyn's bold + confident, Zara is wild + daring & Ava is calm +  light-hearted. The three of them have such contrasting front running characteristics, while still complimenting each other perfectly. This is what our brand encompasses, encouraging, thru our clothing, the uniqueness, originality + creativity of each and every one of mine and your littles. This brand was built on inspiration from our littles and now strives to inspire yours.

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